Sometimes you just have to laugh

I started feeling a little queasy after dinner last night. We were relaxing, watching a movie and I felt a little better so I had some cake for dessert. Bad idea. The feeling came back. I thought I might just burp but I threw up in my mouth! I immediately leaned over and dumped it on the floor, followed by another spurt.

My husband went from horrified to laughing hysterically. Between bouts of laughter he told me he didn’t think the movie was THAT bad. And also I was being a bad example for the dogs because now they’re going to throw up on the floor because they saw mommy do it! But at least I threw up on the tile and not on the nice rug like they like to do.

That got me laughing hysterically at the ridiculousness of it all and I ran to the bathroom to heave and laugh at the same time. I discovered it is actually hard to puke and laugh at the same time, and laughing won out.

My extremely sweet husband cleaned my puke up off the floor and we went back to our movie still giggling. He’s not going to let me forget that one in a LONG time.


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