Have you read the book Belly Laughs?

51K7s85bL6LFirst, this is not a book review, more like a rambling book complaint. I read Jenny McCarthy’s book Belly Laughs last week and have a few things I’d like to say about it.

To start with, the book is no the greatest for anyone who has suffered with infertility. You feel absolutely zero compassion for Jenny as she gets pregnant almost immediately after trying and then talks about how her eggs must not be rotten after all. Good for you Jenny!

I was hoping it would follow the pregnancy in order as things happened, but it just jumped around with each chapter seeming to concentrate on a particular symptom she was experiencing and would then describe in graphic detail. Everything from swollen vaginas to constipation gets its own chapter.

I’m wondering what kind of warped sizing Jenny goes by when she complains she has to buy big ugly bras because nothing pretty is available in a 36D. WTF? I happen to be wearing a lovely lacey number by Victoria’s Secret in that exact size as I type this. There are plenty of bra options in a 36D and I can’t imagine how that was her top size when I recall seeing her boobs in Playboy and they were not tiny things to start with.

And then she seems to think her only choice in underwear is a thong or granny panties. Has Jenny never seen a pair of bikini underwear? Maybe even a cute string bikini? I hate thongs myself but have never worn giant briefs just because I didn’t want a string up my butt.

So in the end did this book teach me anything about pregnancy? Yes. I was not aware that you might poop on the delivery table. So I can thank Jenny for that fabulous visual. I think the bit where her mom tells her she “pitched a loaf” while having her was the only time I laughed while reading the book.

I highly recommend this book for sexually active high school girls because Jenny’s frankness about what happens to your body during pregnancy should scare the crap right out of them, delivery or not.


10 thoughts on “Have you read the book Belly Laughs?

  1. I admire you for making it all the way through! I have zero respect for her since her war on vaccines and was never able to read this one even though it was gifted to me my first pregnancy. I love your review of it 😉

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