An Infertile Mind

While grabbing my progesterone under the bathroom sink I saw a big bottle of Naproxen. (it’s like prescription Aleve for bad cramps) It was going to expire in about 5 months. I immediately thought, well I can give that to my friend B since I can’t use it while pregnant. I grabbed it and somewhere on the way out of the bathroom my arm slowly moved it back into the cabinet while my mind whispered “what if…”

Dammit! I wish I was past this. But after a 7 year battle with IF I guess I can’t expect to conquer my fears overnight.

On a positive note, I did finally allow myself to sign up for! I also didn’t grumble and change the topic when B. asked me questions about baby stuff at work today. I even shared my ultrasound pic πŸ™‚


5 thoughts on “An Infertile Mind

  1. I completely understand. I haven’t been going through infertility treatments for as long as you have but I am so bad when it comes to the ‘what if’ games in your head. I do it with tampons (tmi, I know), as in, I contemplate buying only enough to last me one cycle, or do I buy the jumbo pack (which is cheaper in the long run!) to last me three? Am I cursing myself if I only buy the pack for one month? Or am I resigning myself to failure if I buy the three month pack? I think it’s completely normal! Don’t best yourself up on it, I think everyone who is going through IF understands xD

  2. Third one here who plays the tampon game! πŸ™‚ And I’m impressed you’re on the Bump. I can’t bring myself to do it yet. Maybe you can inspire me!

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