Top 5 things that are freaking me out

This pregnancy limbo thing is driving me crazy….just waiting and hoping. Both excited and scared to death and scared to death to even get excited. I think it is wearing on my mental state. I was really hoping after my BFP I’d stop being so obsessively crazy. Nope. It turned up the volume a bit. These are the Top 5 of my daily freak outs:

1) Constantly over-analyzing my uterus. I get annoyed that it is constantly crampy and weird feeling, and then moments later freak out because it stopped being crampy and weird feeling. My husband keeps catching me staring into space as I try to discern whether a particular cramp feels menstrual-like or maybe I just need to toot.

2) I’m thrilled my two days of migraine went away, and now keep freaking out for not feeling pregnant and feeling too “normal”

3) Being grumpy because nothing fits already and then freaking out because I didn’t look as bloated today and actually lost weight. I’m pretty sure it’s because I no longer get to indulge my wino tendencies.

4) Why aren’t my boobs hurting and doing weird things? They look pretty normal, if not a little bit bigger.

5) Why on earth is that damn progesterone suppository orange? Couldn’t they make it as far away as pink/red as possible? I’d rather see blue in my underpants than a scary “is it pink or orange?” streak. How many months will I be playing TP inspector? and does it come with a badge?

I am 5 weeks 2 days today. I have my first ultrasound in exactly 1 week. I am terrified! And also that day cannot come soon enough. I think after that it will finally seem real.


12 thoughts on “Top 5 things that are freaking me out

  1. My boobs didn’t hurt for a while after I was pregnant, and still don’t hurt that bad, they will ache every once and a while when I take my bra off – but I don’t have sensitive boobs to begin with so many that is why? The on and off cramping – totally normal, everything you are talking about it totally normal! Can’t wait to see the ultra sound pictures!

  2. I’ve learned, after multiple miscarriages, not to read too much into pregnancy symptoms. They change all the time. So, my approach, for whatever it’s worth, is to focus on ultrasound results. They are the best indicator from a medical perspective and by focusing on them, I also remove my crazy brain from the analysis.
    That said, I wish you tonnes of luck staying sane waiting for the ultrasound next week! Wishing you all the best!

  3. Oh man.. I was just thinking about that the other day, while talking to my pregnant friend.. she 5 months and even lays down belly first and Im thinking that I would be afraid to hurt the babys hahhah sounds silly but once you try to get pregnant for so long it makes total sense! I think I’ll follow on your footsteps! But for now, just remember that some people get pregnant and never find out until late into the pregnancy… you’ll be fine!! XOXOXOX

  4. Too funny, I’ve had many of the same thoughts!
    #1 – i do the same thing. I’m worried when i cramp and stressed out when I feel nothing. My nurse said it comes and goes.
    #2 – i feel pretty normal too
    #4 – comes and goes for me… Also stressful when it goes.
    #5 – i use crinone, which is white… But it causes spotting. I pretty much have to brace myself every time i drop my drawers. So stressful!!

    Can’t wait to read about your ultrasound!

  5. So awesome. Also I think we would be friends IRL, because I too have wino tendencies and freak about the same things. My ultrasound is tomorrow. YIKES! Fingers crossed for us both/all of us ladies!

  6. All this stuff is normal but still scary. The cramping on and off is so weird. I’m still having a lot if not more now at 8 weeks. And my boobs? Still nothing except shrinkage. And my belly is constantly changing it’s mind about growing / shrinking. Pregnancy is such a nerve wracking yet thrilling experience.

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