So happy I could just puke

And I did. I barfed my brains out three times this morning at 5 weeks 1 day. Never in my life have I been so thrilled to throw up. I feel like I earned some sort of pregnancy badge, as if this was the Girl Scouts. I don’t have many symptoms to speak of, so to see one pop up was both miserable and exhilarating.

I’m hoping this isn’t a regular thing though. It was pretty rough. When I mentioned this to my mom, she encouragingly replied “Whoa, yeah, get ready for a few months of that! I bet you’ll be just like me and I couldn’t leave the bed for months. Just eat saltines and water and you can get through it.”

Thanks, mom. Can’t wait.

* As a side note- I just realized I need a new category for pregnancy posts! This is exciting, but I get worried every time I do something pregnancy related…like I’m going to jinx things. So silly, I know. I have yet to let myself sign up for any pregnancy websites. I’m waiting until the 6 week ultrasound to start getting really crazy!


8 thoughts on “So happy I could just puke

      • Hahaha yes! And I too am waiting on the 6 week ultrasound – mine is this Wednesday – to go bananas on pregnancy websites. So glad we are on essentially the same timeline. Thinking of you, and hope you had a good night without any trips to the restroom!

      • Mine was originally supposed to be Friday but they were booked so I have to wait all next weekend. Arrrgh! Good luck on Wednesday. As for nighttime bathroom trips, if it gets any worse I’m going to just start sleeping on the toilet, lol!

  1. Yay! I know plenty of healthy pregnancies happen without nauseau but it is a REALLY good sign! I wanted to be sick all the time because it was so reassuring. A tip to help is to not drink water with your food (although drink plenty of course) and keep a small snack by your bed to eat right when you wake up. Ginger ale helps a ton too. Good luck!!

    • Funny you mention the snack because my husband was just joking this morning that he needs to leave snacks by the bed for me so I’ll stop getting up at 4am to eat! Guess it was actually a good idea.

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