Monitoring HCG at home with the new advanced test

I got one of the new Clear Blue Easy Advanced tests because I thought it would be fun to have the digital tell me something good for once. It’s one of the news ones that tells you how many weeks past ovulation you are (not how many weeks pregnant). It was right on the first try at 1-2 weeks. I was going to give it a week and test again to see if it was right again at 2-3. I thought this was a brilliant idea, and after a quick Google search I found I wasn’t the only one. Of course it isn’t fool-proof, and could actually cause more worry. But the slight possibility it could ease my concern a little bit? That’s enough to make me try it.

I found a pretty good article that tells all about it:




8 thoughts on “Monitoring HCG at home with the new advanced test

  1. I totally feel your pain. Sounds like you’re as insecure as me. This is also why OH thought is really wasn’t a good idea for me to get a doppler. I’d love to give you some words of comfort but at nearly 15 weeks I’m still as paranoid lol xx

      • Ha ha tell me about it, I haven’t even got the confidence to tell work yet becsuse I don’t want to tempt fate. We haven’t even told his parents yet!! I keep thinking once I get to the next mile stone I’ll relax and start to enjoy. Next one is 16 week apt a week on Tuesday, let’s see what happens eh? I pray for your sake you’re not as bad as me lol xx

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