Red Wine + Bacon = BFP

ok, so maybe it’s NOT that simple, but I have been evaluating some changes I made this cycle since it is my first BFP in 6 years. Of course one major change was the IVF! But I’m just wondering what made the difference before that. We didn’t need ICSI (Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection) so our little egg and spermy met up and did their thing all on their own, just in a petri dish and not my uterus. But why now when they were introduced so many other times before by IUI? I’m thinking it could possibly have been an implantation issue.

I made a LOT of changes this cycle. I switched to a new doctor for the IVF because I didn’t feel like my previous doctor was thorough enough. The month before the IVF was spent getting my body ready. I was put on Theralogix Ova-Vite supplements, plus extra Vitmain D due to a deficiency discovered during the bloodwork. I was put on DHEA 3 times a day to improve my lining, baby aspirin to improve blood flow to the uterus and estrogen to make my body think I was little younger (I guess).

And a major overhaul was my diet and exercise plan. I have always been thin. I have to eat every few hours or I get a headache and the shakes. I also get migraines and have anxiety. The new doc is a fan of the low-carb and no-carb diet, along with the slow-burn exercise theory. I was told to eat all the high fat bacon, butter, avocados and steak I wanted but to stay away from carbs as much as possible. He instructed me to eat as soon as I was hungry and to never let my body feel like it was starving. I was also forbidden to do any cardio! He said over stressing your body with cardio or too much exercise was useless and harmful and can stress the body too much to hold onto a pregnancy.

My husband was already on board because he has been reading The Primal Blueprint, which is basically the caveman diet. Unfortunately I LOVE bread. That’s my “go-to” snack- a piece of bread. So to cut out all bread and carby things was just too much. But the doc said I would see improvement if I could just adhere to it 70% of the time. So I did!

So for the last 2 months I have eaten lots of lovely steaks, switched the full fat butter and milk, had avocados on my salads and extra bacon with my breakfast. I also switched to only drinking red wine because I read that it improves blood flow and can possibly help implantation. I had 1-2 glasses a night! (of course as soon as I saw the second line I gave up my evening wine) I stopped all cardio exercise and changed to a light workout, done slowly and deliberately, taking only about 20 min. a few times a week.

I gained about 5 pounds and then leveled off. (but who doesn’t when pumping themselves full of hormones?) I still indulge in breads here and there. I love pizza! There’s no reason to seriously deprive yourself. I miss my wine terribly but am sticking to the diet still since it feels quite indulgent most of the time anyway. I keep telling my husband we made a “bacon baby” since I’ve had bacon every morning for the past couple months.

I keep seeing people taking on these radically restricted diets and crazy exercise programs like P90x while trying to get pregnant. It seems counterproductive. Your body is stressed out enough as it is!

Go enjoy a glass of red and a nice steak 🙂

*Just a little disclaimer- my doc’s instructions actually said Not to drink, so that was my own choice. When you’ve been ttc for so long with no results, it just gets ridiculous. There’s no way I could have gone 6 years without a glass of wine, lol. So I switched to the one thing that could at least have some health benefits and made sure to not overdo it.


2 thoughts on “Red Wine + Bacon = BFP

  1. That is so true. I’ve switched out to a very similar diet over the last few months as well. My last glass of wine was the day before beta, and I too miss it terribly 🙂 But my husband was on me about getting enough protein every day. When he added up what I had been doing previously, it was only about 20g/day. I went up to about 50g/day during IVF (plus I ate brazil nuts every day for the first time ever), and now apparently I need to be at 80g/day?! Like, should I just keep bacon strips in my purse? A thermos of full-fat cottage cheese? How the hell do we get 80g/day!???? 🙂 Like you, I’m generally thin, I also added 5 pounds, but I feel really good. I suppose that’s all that matters. I miss my runs, but I’m trying to get in a 3-5mile walk per day. What kind of slow exercise are you doing?

    • Sounds like a very similar plan! I haven’t been doing any exercise the past couple weeks because the BFP is off to a rocky start, but before that I was doing a really modified, slimmed down version of my usual workout. So instead of normal lunges, I do them slower and with really light weights. So basically I slowed things down and added a little weight. I’m looking forward to when I can get back to that!

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