How did you know?

There seems to be a trigger that makes most people think “I might be pregnant” even without the back-up of IVF, IUI or just actively trying. Because I’m sitting here with barely a symptom after my BFP last week, and am in occasional bleeding beta hell limbo I was wondering what symptoms other people had. And what was the first one that made you think mayyyybe…..

I had two main symptoms with my 1st BFP. (it ended at 6 weeks)

1) I walked in the house and flipped out over the smell of cumin. I was like- are you cooking with cumin? OMG that is so powerful. It’s overwhelming! I need air! I did not think I was pregnant though, and only remembered that after I found out.

2) I was lying in the sun for a while and went inside to take a shower. I stepped out of the shower and looked in the mirror and there was a dark line down my belly. I freaked out because I knew pregnant people got that! I tested right away and got a faint positive. I still have no idea why it showed up so early. Everything I read said it only shows up later. I’m thinking maybe the over production of melanin from the sunbathing put it in high gear. It did fade by the next day.

So what was your pre-BFP clue?


10 thoughts on “How did you know?

  1. The two times I was pregnant, I got really random symptoms. The first one (which lasted only a little over 7 weeks), I ended up with a cold sore due to the increase in hormones. The second time (which was a chemical pregnancy), I had super sore, tender gums. Both times I had a moment where I could taste what I thought was blood, and it went away really fast.

  2. A lot of the symptoms I had were also side effects of the intramuscular progesterone so I’m not sure if it was because of pregnancy or the PIO. I was exhausted all the time though, took naps and went to bed at like 8:30. Completely and totally wiped!

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