Beta Blahs and Bleeding

I usually enjoy rollercoasters, just not when they involve my emotions and mental stability. My beta results were crappy. They said they’d like them to be over 200, mine was 134. I got home from the doc and immediately started bleeding again. I have to go back Wednesday for my 3rd beta.

My mom gave me some helpful advice: don’t do anything strenuous, like using the foot peddle on your sewing machine. And don’t raise my arms over my head.

I can run my machine with my big toe, so I wouldn’t exactly call that strenuous. And I don’t think my plans involve dancing the YMCA today, so we’re good on the arms.

I just so wish we could get on some solid ground and start enjoying the excitement. All I can do right now is say “I’m pregnant. Today.”


17 thoughts on “Beta Blahs and Bleeding

  1. Oh doll the beta limbo is the worst! I hope the next few days go by fast and you have peace at the end of this crazy roller coaster.

    • I’m bursting with wanting to tell everyone! But right now I’m the only person I can keep saying that to. And my husband I guess. Every morning he asks how I am and I’m like, “still pregnant today! So we got that going for us.” 🙂

  2. At least your “pregnant today”. Hopefully you’ll still be pregnant tomorrow and onward. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts. This cycle so many got pregnant yet it seems those BFPs have come with much anxiety and fear, that saddens me.

    • So true! Never have a known such a group of overly anxious pregnant people who really want to be excited but just can’t be yet. At least I find that’s easier to handle reading about than blissfully unaware pregnant people.

    • Yes, the second. It was 3 days past the first one. I did check out the doubling times and I think it’s better than they made it sound actually. Probably the first time google research made me feel little better!

  3. oh the beta limbo is so hard but try as hard as it is to stay in hope. You are doing amazing by saying “I’m Pregnant today” because we are only meant to take everything day by day…minute by minute. Love ya girlie! xo

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