Monday cannot come soon enough

Who’d ever think they’d utter those words? lol

My thoughts are really all over the place this morning.I keep thinking how if I wasn’t the obsessive testing type, I’d not even know I was pregnant because my period arrived right on time. I’m like freakin clockwork! I mean, this wasn’t spotting, it was full on light flow.

I spent all night cramping and bleeding and comparing it to the first time it happened. There is definitely a difference. This time it is light and not too crampy. Mostly pinkish with some red. And arrived right on time.

The other time, I was 6 weeks along and woke up in the middle of the night with horrendous cramps. One trip to the toilet and I immediately knew it was over. It was BAD.

So that gives me hope. And while searching for quotes about hope, I ran across this, which made me smile because I am a huge Star Wars fan. (If you have Netflix, check out Jedi Junkies. That’s me on the cover and I do an interview later in the film. Yes that kind of blows my “anonymous” blog thing, but I feel like I’m getting to know a lot of you and I’m no good at being undercover)


So today is a new hope for me. I read that bleeding around the time your period was supposed to arrive is pretty common. Reading everyone else’s stories and comments on the last post helped a lot as well. And it slowed down today to spotting this morning. Also, I took a test this morning and I think it looks a little darker than yesterday’s!


Anxious to get to Monday and get those numbers tested to confirm all is still good. Got to make it to Episode VI for the return of my little Jedi. 😉


15 thoughts on “Monday cannot come soon enough

  1. I am out of tests and I can’t move my car for the weekend because we love on a shore town. If I move my car, I wi never find another spot. I guess it’s a good thing, but obviously I want to keep testing!!! Your latest one definitely looks the darkest!

  2. I’m going to be 12 weeks tomorrow (fingers crossed) and this is the first time in my five pregnancies that I have had heavy bleeding. It showed up on the day AF was due only hours after I got a BFP and I was convinced it was all over but it appears that it was just implantation bleeding. I hope yours is the same.

  3. I bled, like full on period flow, at 8 weeks with my daughter that is now six years old. I didn’t really have any period pain during that time, just what I call stretching pains. I will say a prayer for you. Take it easy!

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