Random Musings before 8AM Beta

Of course I wake up at 2, 3 and finally 4AM before giving up and getting out of bed. The thought of a hot cup of decaffinated coffee does not get me going. I switched to decaf the minute the wisp of a line showed up. It makes me feel like and alcoholic drinking O’Douls.

Here’s what’s on my mind this morning:

* How long is this constant crampy/pinchy thing going to continue? Please please don’t be anything wrong. The weird thing is that I had it before I even had the transfer and it’s on the left side- the one that didn’t even produce any decent follicles. I figured it something was weird (like a cycst) than they would have seen it on the ultrasound at some point before transfer.

* The tests from early-pregnancy-tests.com suck. I’ve been using them for years! My wondfo is a gorgeous line today and the other test I took for comparison is barely there. So glad I finally comparison shopped because I wanted to majorly stock up. I got the Wondfos off Amazon for cheaper. I would have had days of BFN’s if I hadn’t switched.

For comparison: (Wondfo is pink, e-p-t.com is blue) This is 10dp3dt, 13dpo


* I think I’m going to have to cancel some major plans. I’d rather be pregnant though, so I’m ok with it. The sad part is that I finally got invited to be a guest and even got my husband a vip badge as well, after attending an event for 8 years. This was going to be a big year! I was going to be in the parade and everything. But it will be right in the middle of week 6 and 7 and that’s when I had the MC before. I’m totally freaked at the idea of traveling in a 6 hour car ride and being away and this happening. But the stress and anxiety of doing a big event, plus being around 300,000 other people from all over might be too much. A lot of people get sick after doing these big conventions. It even has a name “con crud.” All signs are pointing to No, even though I haven’t cancelled anything yet, because it is still early for all this. Once I start getting beta numbers back, then I’ll know what direction to take….maybe!

* Well I better go eat and get dressed so I can get to the office in time for the test! I’ll post an update when I hear something 🙂


6 thoughts on “Random Musings before 8AM Beta

  1. Eeeeeeek! So exciting 🙂 I still have pinching too. I’m visualizing a little embryo pinching me to get a good grip. Oh the lies we tell ourselves for sanity… Can’t wait to hear how it went!

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