Still hangin in there, progression pic

Tested this morning and it looks a smidge darker. Maybe half a smidge. But I’ll take it! 🙂 8AM tomorrow cannot come soon enough. It will be my first beta ever, which is quite  a milestone in itself. I don’t even know what they do. I’m guessing take blood and call you later? or the next day? Hope it doesn’t take too long! Is there an ultrasound involved? Wondering if I need to shave my legs and pick out clean socks.

I’m currently 9 days past my 3 day transfer, so 12 DPO.

I’m trying not to obsess over the constant weird crampy feeling and on and off pinchy feeling. I keep having to go stare at my stick collection to reassure myself there is a line there.

I finally told my mom and grandma, because I couldn’t keep it in any longer. But I also cautioned them to not get too excited. I also cautioned my mom that if she keeps referring to the baby as “egghead” then we aren’t speaking anymore.

*The DPT written on the sticks is Days Past Transfer (not trigger)




20 thoughts on “Still hangin in there, progression pic

  1. Love seeing these progression pics, looks like you’re definitely pregnant!! Hoping that line continues to get darker and darker and darker!!!!!!!

  2. Seriously, I could be writing the same words! Yesterday was my first beta, and I too have a growing stick collection! Every clinic is different, I’m sure, but my beta was at 7:30AM and they called at 4PM. No ultrasound until hcg hits 1200-1500. Good luck – I’m excited for you!

    • It’s funny how looking at other people’s pics I’m like, geez just accept it, you’re pregnant already! But it is just hard to believe looking at it myself. I will be more confident after the beta tomorrow 🙂

      • To give you some perspective, by my third IVF round/pregnancy, I knew I was pregnant just from the crampy/pinchy feeling, almost a week before my beta. Eventually you learn to love it (and then one day it stops, and you panic all over again, because you’re NOT crampy!) Ahhhh, the joys of pregnancy after IF.

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