I wish I could tell myself to relax

Arrgh. Stressing over sticks. Tested tonight and it seems to be getting lighter not darker :-/ My actual period due date is tomorrow. If I make it through tomorrow and actually get to the beta on Friday, it will be a miracle. I’ll test again in the morning and compare. Really glad I got that 50 pack of cheapies now!

I feel like an actress saying “It was an honor just to be nominated” every time I remind myself “it is amazing to just get this far.”

As a side note, I finally updated my chart over at Fertility Friend. And when I put in all the info, it showed my due date as my husband’s birthday! I’m trying not to think that far ahead, but I couldn’t help it! The website just volunteered the info.



6 thoughts on “I wish I could tell myself to relax

  1. The day of our first ultra sound (so 6w7d) I took a test and it was so light I started bawling and went in hours early. Babies were totally fine, the tests aren’t always going to get darker, until you have a reason to worry, celebrate your pregnancy otherwise you will go nuts! Congrats!!!

  2. Well I boo the lighter test and hope that it was just not concentrated enough, those damn cheapies are so sensitive ya know? I just found out my due date (if I’m preggers) will be the anniversary of my exes death *sigh*.

  3. Awww I know how you feel. We all thought that after BFP it would be plain sailing and we’d be happy and content but it couldn’t be further from the truth! !! I’d tell you to try and relax but I think you may explode lol. If looking ahead keeps you more positive then it is helping. Good luck xxx

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