It’s for reals! Day 2

Tested this morning with an EPT test and a wondfo. Wondfo is getting darker! EPT showed a decent positive but then it kind of faded about 30 min. later before I could get a pic. I’m used to the cheapy ones getting a little darker as they dry, so that’s weird. Anybody else experience that?

But there is no denying it now! Right now all I can think is 2 days! It lasted 2 days! lol

I left the nurse a message this morning letting her know about the positive test and whether I should come in early or do anything different. Monday seems like forever away.

Taken after the EPT test started to fade a bit-


UPDATE: I spoke with the nurse and she said my actual test date should have been Saturday but they were closed on Sat so scheduled me for Monday. But since I got a positive they are having me come in on Friday 8AM 🙂

I will pee on many things between now and then…lol


16 thoughts on “It’s for reals! Day 2

  1. Yeah! A word of caution about trying to get an early beta. Testing too early could lead to a “low” number that may not be doubling exactly yet. Throughout this whole ordeal beta limbo was my worst version of hell. I tested at 14dp5dt and it was 75. Of course on the World Wide Web everyone has MUCH higher numbers and I freaked. I literally hated life for days until I heard a heartbeat. So my advice is enjoy your pee sticks. Enjoy watching them get darker. And wait until you are far enough along to get conclusive numbers you can celebrate.

  2. WOOOOOOT WOOOOOOOT! Love it! I POAS’d as soon as I got back from my beta this morning and it was still there 🙂 I hope we are living in the same karmic universe of darkening pink lines … congratulations!!!

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