Because I am a POAS addict

I tested again this afternoon and this evening. This evening’s was darker! Already! And that wasn’t even after holding it for more than 2 hours. That’s GOT to be good news, right? I’ve never gotten to go through this before with the early lines. I’m just excited to get this far.

And of course I couldn’t keep my mouth shut. Had to show my husband the 6PM stick because there was no doubt, no squinting required He is leaving in the morning for 3 days, so I didn’t want to tell him on the phone while he was gone.

We are cautiously excited since the beta isn’t until Monday. But even if it doesn’t stick, I am happy to know it can happen. It shows I can get far enough to have the egg implant and pump out some hcg. That is more than we accomplished with all the IUIs. I have no symptoms other than being crampy and just a general weird feeling in my uterus area.

Stick little eggy stick!

This totally looks more impressive in person-



12 thoughts on “Because I am a POAS addict

    • I didn’t know I could go in early! I’ve never made it to test day or gotten a line early so I never even thought about it! I’ll have to send my nurse an email and ask. It’s hard to get anyone on the phone at the office. I got a feeling she’ll tell me to wait though since of course I’m not supposed to be testing this early. Shame in me! Lol

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