Happiness in small victories 7dp3dt

I was all ready to write a very grumpy post this morning. I was crampy all day yesterday and all night. Just felt like crap. I had already tested out my trigger and tested yesterday and gotten a BFN. A pack of 50 pregnancy test sticks arrived in the mail yesterday so now I can test as much as I want!

So I tested this morning with a Wondfo (the pink stick) and I got a line! I very light pink line that showed up right away. I didn’t tweak the photo or anything so of course it looks better in person. I am currently 7 days past my 3 day transfer.


But why the “small” victory you might ask? Well, it’s rather early and it’s a different test. Maybe wondfo is more sensitive than the other brand, which is from early-pregnancy-tests.com, and is still picking up the trigger. My trigger was 11 days ago and tested completely out by the time I first tested a week after the shot. (at least I hope it did) I found the wondfos were like 20 cents cheaper on amazon so that’s why I switched. I DO have a few of the other tests left and I will try testing with one of those later, and if nothing shows than I’ll try both tests in the morning. Pee on Everything!

But I am finding some happiness in this small little line whether it’s a leftover trigger or not, because I didn’t even get to see the trigger line and it’s been a LONG time since I saw 2 pink lines on anything. I never even get anything to squint at or post on those boards for people to tell me if they see something. Nothing but a pure white immaculate stick.

I find it a little funny that I got on here first to share with you guys. I’m not sharing with my husband just yet. The do you see a line squint-a-thon is not as fun as being able to hand over a blaring positive stick! And I have waited too long to share happy news to dull it with a sketchy preview. I’ll just try to not act TOO happy tonight, lol. I am not very good at hiding my emotions. 🙂

1:27PM Afternoon Update: Because I can’t stop myself, I tested with the other brand test and got a slight line! I never get a line on those! I saved it to post pics tomorrow, after I have probably tested several more times. 🙂


14 thoughts on “Happiness in small victories 7dp3dt

  1. I see it, looks like mine right now but just barely darker, which it good cause mine is probably still lingering trigger since I now know that Wondfos can pick up as little as 7iu HCG. At least they have for me. Congrats on your little victory, looking forward to celebrating with you WHEN it’s blaring!!! Your #3 on here to get pregnant this cycle.

  2. Just ran across your blog! Congratulations! Looks like we are almost on the same schedule. I go in for beta tomorrow, but today is 8dp5dt and I got a light pink line like yours on 6dp5dt, darker yesterday, and darker yet today. Here’s to little babies! I know we’re only at the very first step on this long journey but I’m thinking of you and hoping for the best for you!

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