Amazing how fast you forget the pain

I’m talking bruises here. Physical pain. When we were in the middle of three shots a day in the belly all I could think was how I just don’t know if I could take it again. How could I last another day of this torture?

But over the weekend the bruises faded. (yay!) The bloat slightly lingered. (boo) And I felt pretty good about knowing if I could make it through once, then I could try again if needed.

I know the chances of a first time IVF working are not the greatest. I’m sure everyone hopes to be the lucky one. Let’s just say I have low expectations from constantly Not being the lucky one in anything fertility related. But I am still letting hope creep in. Because if I don’t then I did it all for nothing.



11 thoughts on “Amazing how fast you forget the pain

  1. I disagree with first time IVF cycles failing. I’ve personally witnessed al least 5 women I follow on here become pregnant and stay pregnant after their first IVF. All of which had never even seen a BFP in their lives. So chin up buttercup!

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