I confess, I used to be addicted to Fertility Friend

fertility-friendWay back, like six years ago, I discovered FertilityFriend.com. I got into charting, temping, recording every little twinge and sign and participating in the forums. Every cycle I’d get obsessed and spend way too much time posting my sad white sticks for people to squint at and staring at other people’s tests. Seems most of the people on there are crazy and can see a line on anything.

I’d take a few months off, let my membership expire, get clean. Then the obsession would start slowly again. “I’m just going on to put in my ovulation info” would turn into a two hour span of forum stalking.

The weird thing is, I never made any real connections and found most of the people were a little annoying. People with 4 children moaning about it taking more than a cycle to get another one. People who have been trying for two months and are already frustrated. Watching one after another post their BFPs would wear me down.

So I decided to start this blog and I am happy to say it worked! I have been Fertility Friend free for this entire IVF cycle. I did take a little peek last night, saw a million “can you please squint at this” posts and immediately got bored and left.

Thank you to everyone who has commented and connected with me through this blog, because it has been a million times more helpful than a website forum.


13 thoughts on “I confess, I used to be addicted to Fertility Friend

  1. Thanks for sharing. I am going to try to never start fertility friend. I already have an addiction to just logging my “bump”days and my period on my period tracker app.

  2. Totally relate!! I was on FF and thebabybump.com multiple times a day but it was the same thing… frustrated women after trying for 1 month and lots of BFPs… bottomline, I didnt fit into tat group so I couldnt related.. it was hard keeping track of their cycles because they would move on to more fun things, like being pregnant, and I couldnt! Blogging and Vlogging is soooo much better!! lol

    • yes exactly! Trying to keep up with people in the forums was frustrating, especially as they’d move on to the pregnancy forums and I’d still be stuck in “waiting to ovulate” or “waiting to test” (the 2 forums I spent the most time in)

      • word! But I got annoyed even at the ones that were having trouble too.. some people were so touchy.. a lot of times it felt like high school online messenger drama, seriously LOL

  3. YES! I hear ya, girl! I feel the same way about baby center and other similar “forums.” I never seemed to make meaningful connections on any of those! I’m so grateful I started blogging. I never expected it to turn into a support community, lo & behold! πŸ™‚

  4. I just started using it to track temp. Recommended by my acupuncturist so I can email them my results. I haven’t checked out the community…just seems like a lot of work. I agree with you, the blogging is so much better.

  5. I use fertility friend but solely for tracking. I’ve never put my virtual foot in the forums. There is such a strong and supportive community here on word press πŸ™‚

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