Let the wait begin….

I’m sitting here drinking my sad little cup of decaffinated coffee. I’m trying to be good this 2WW and follow all the rules! But oh man could I use some jet fuel this morning.

The transfer yesterday was a breeze- after the initial 3 hour wait. We arrived at 12:20 for a 1:00 transfer. Nurse calls while we’re in the parking lot to tell us to wait an hour. I’m so full of water at this point I just went straight to the bathroom. We killed some time at Starbucks and went back. They stuck me in a room at 2:30PM. I didn’t get the transfer done until almost 4PM! I actually had to run and pee and refill 3 times while waiting. I felt like the most hydrated person in the world!

Maybe that valium really did help because I didn’t feel a thing this time except for that uncomfortable bladder squashing ultrasound. I didn’t even watch the monitor because I didn’t want to know when it was happening. Just glad they took a picture! So here it is, in all its glory: My egg in utero! (and my giant full bladder is that black thing at the top)


We also got an egg picture. The embryologist had some big long explanation about why they don’t grade embryos because there’s no official key and that the photo doesn’t look great because it’s a 3-D photo shown in 2-D and blah blah. So of course I’m all tweaked out that my egg isn’t the pretty 6 cell daisy looking thing I keep seeing, but instead looks like bubbly mush. I spent way too much time googling fragmented embryos. This phrase was never uttered to us, it’s just something I found when looking at other embryo development pics. But I figure if it wasn’t good enough to put back in, they wouldn’t do it right?? I can’t even find 6 cells on the thing, but they said it was so I’ll just hold onto that. I’ll take what I can get at this point.


So here’s to the big 2WW and lots of obsessing. I’m about to go pee on a stick right now so I can start testing out the trigger. My official date to go back in for the pregnancy test is Aug. 11.


20 thoughts on “Let the wait begin….

  1. Glad everything went well! The wait is the worst, complete torture in my opinion! Love the utero picture, I only got a picture of our baby in a Petri dish πŸ™‚

  2. I think the embryo looks beautiful!! I hope you have a speedy TWW – I also test on 8/11!! =) =) Fingers crossed for both of us!

    • Are you going to wait? I can honestly say I know I can’t! I actually tested today to see if my trigger was gone and it was negative. I was weirdly disappointed because I was hoping to at least catch it at the end for a faint fake bfp. I’m so tired of squinting at things!

      • I am not sure this cycle. Last cycle I did test early & ended up having a chemical. The hubs asked me to not test early this time bc obvi I was upset over last cycle….But I would like to know if it is another chemical…Decisions… I tested yesterday for my trigger & it was DEFINITELY still there. I triggered on Sunday though so it hasn’t been long.

        I am trying to think positive thoughts!!

      • It is definitely tough because of all the extra hope that is added on when you test early nd think there’s a line. But at this point if you can still stir up that hope and get a little excited, it’s a good thing.

  3. 8/11? Well, technically you would have to wait less than the 2ww.. the 2ww would begin on the day of your retrieval which was Friday right? So you could probably test in a week or so!! Good luck!! Hope its a BFP!! XOXO

  4. I’m so glad it was a smooth process in the end. Your embryo looks lovely! We are going for our blood tests on the same day so we should know at the same time. Good luck! I know how much the tww hurts, I won’t offer any suggestions on how to get through it because I struggle through it to xD!

    • Hoping I make it to the blood test! With my IUIs I never made it to test day. I always started my period the day before, right on time. Are you going to test at home early?

      • I think so! I just don’t know when to test and when is too early. Like, I feel like I want to test tomorrow, but I’ll only be 8dp2dt, so basically 10dpo… Is that too early? I really have no idea!

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