Day 3 Transfer anxiety

My transfer is today at 1PM. I was looking forward to sleeping in, but nooo, I woke up at 6AM and couldn’t go back to sleep. After experiencing a little pain with the catheter and humongous discomfort with the full bladder during the mock transfer, I am tweaking a little bit about the upcoming experience. I had never had any pain or discomfort with several IUI’s but that was at a different office.

So I spent my morning googling “Can I take vicodin with egg transfer.” Seems the popluar opinion is no.

However, I am armed with some Doctor presecribed Valium, which they said makes it a little easier because it relaxes your uterus and I’ll feel less of an urge to give the Doc a golden shower in the middle of the procedure.

I’m also a little anxious because I’m worried about getting there and finding out the cells aren’t dividing or something because I keep reading about people thinking they have several embryos and then some of them don’t make it. I only have the one, so it’s that one or nothin.

So guess today’s motto isย “fingers crossed and legs open,” lol.



11 thoughts on “Day 3 Transfer anxiety

  1. Today is the big day! I must admit, I giggled a little at golden shower. Hoping your transfer is more comfortable than the trial transfer and that your next two weeks go by quickly. GL today!

  2. Love your motto! I’m totally borrowing that one when our transfer comes. Stay positive hun. Your embie baby is ready to come home. Btw, you are fortunate to have had decent IUIs. A few of mine were very uncomfortable.

  3. Good luck! I had the exact same fears as you and everything turned out okay for me (for the transfer anyway!) so hopefully everything will turn out great for you and you’ll have a perfectly growing embie! ๐Ÿ™‚

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