How do you take your eggs in the morning?

Fertilized! After a very grumpy and frustrated day with no call, I finally got the call this morning at 8:30 AM. The embryologist asks, “Did I call you? Because you’re not checked of my list.”

What I wanted to say was, “No you %$#%  asshole, you didn’t $#&# call me because I’m not checked of your %$#& stupid list.”

What I actually said was, “No.”

But I’m fairly certain it was loaded with contempt.

He went on to say that the egg fertilized naturally and we were on our way! So ICSI wasn’t required. I like the idea that the sperm chose my egg. I guess that’s as close as we are going to get to getting pregnant the traditional way.

Now I have to wait for the nurse to call to set up my transfer tomorrow! I’ll give them until 2PM and then call them. I have the worse luck with phone calls from this place.

So happy my one little egg made it 🙂

* And thank you to all who responded to my post yesterday. I was feeling SO frustrated and the only action I could take was to blog. Honestly, the only smile I managed yesterday was reading the responses from people who understood my pain. It probably stopped me from throwing something at my husband’s head. His big non-understanding “There’s nothing you can do about babe,” head.

It is Amazing how therapeutic this blogging experience is!



11 thoughts on “How do you take your eggs in the morning?

  1. YAY!! I’m so happy for you! That is so super exciting! I do love how you reigned in your anger though- I don’t know if I would have been able to! I hope it keeps growing and becomes a beautiful, healthy, happy baby in 9 months 🙂

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