5PM and No Call. Well crappity crap crap…crap.

It’s 5PM. I got antsy at 4 and called the office and left a message. Of course they weren’t open. My paperwork says they will call the day after egg retrieval in TWO different places. They also told me at the place, when I had it done. No call. WTF?

My husband says maybe no news is good news. But how can that be? You’d think they’d want to call so I can arrange my 3 day egg transfer Tuesday (they said it would be a 3 day) and not wait until the last minute on Monday.

This is total BS. I want to SCREAM.


14 thoughts on “5PM and No Call. Well crappity crap crap…crap.

    • Yes, It is impossible to get a live person on the phone when you call. That’s the only thing I don’t like about this place. They are not good with calling or call list minute. Or I have to leave 3 messages to get call. Just adds to the stress :-/

  1. UGH! I’d be screaming, too! If they have an after hours line perhaps you can call that and see if the on-call nurse/dr can give you info. The waiting is torturous and I’m sorry you don’t have the answers you were promised.

  2. Oh my goodness!!! I would be going crazy. Hopefully they will call soon even if it is after hours or at least at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow. So sorry sugars! Xo

  3. Oh gosh, I should have read this post before I commented on your last one! What the hell? You would think they would take into consideration how nerve wracking this journey is for us on a normal day, let alone waiting to see if the one egg you have fertilised! Good luck lovely! I hope you get a call tomorrow!

  4. Oh man, how stressful! I’m glad to read that you got it figured out and that its a go! But, if you don’t mind me asking, why are you doing a 3 day transfer instead of 5 days?

    • I am not sure, maybe because I only have one and they’re like “better get this in there!” My paperwork says they do 3 or 5 days transfers, based on how your embryo is developing, but they were quoting me 3 before they even got the egg out.

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