We got one!

The egg retrieval today went pretty swiftly. Seven minutes to be exact! I wonder if that’s some sort of record? Afterwards I felt totally fine. No cramping or anything. They let us know they got the 1 egg and would call tomorrow with the fertilization report. I’ve just been taking it easy today. I laid down for a bit and woke up feeling mildly crampy but that’s already gone. The only thing that still bothers me is the injection site for the trigger shot. It still hurts and has been itching like crazy since yesterday. I found sprinkling on a little Goldbond anti-itch powder helps. Yeah, it’s for feet, but it’s all I had handy.

I called to let me mom know I was ok. She has decided to nickname our possible future baby egghead, which I am not cool with. She also told me to make sure I don’t “jump around a lot” after they put the egg back in. Guess I better go cancel that trampoline class I had planned…


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