One egg, One basket and a Breakdown

Today’s ultrasound showed an 18mm follicle so tonight I get to trigger and Saturday is my retrieval date. I have just one shot, one egg. They told me I could cancel and try again, but they already started me at a high dose based on my lab results so I may end up again with just one. I have to just take what I can get at this point.

So they gave me all my instructions and while reading through I saw that I am not supposed to go in the pool for 2 weeks. So after all the shots, the bruises, headaches and sub-par egg results, this is the thing that finally just breaks me. The pool is my sanctuary, my stress relief, my little oasis. I just started crying in the car and it made it worse when my husband burst out laughing and wouldn’t stop. He laughed more when I told him he was being insensitive. He then tried to rationalize with some dumbass theory about how he wouldn’t be upset if he got a tattoo and couldn’t surf for 2 weeks. WTF? Because that’s really JUST the same thing.

And to top it all off, I was supposed to be a mermaid at an event next Friday. My mermaid tail goes up high enough to cover my bruises so I had been swimming around in the pool in my tail for months to make sure I would be a good mermaid. I was really looking forward to it because people often say I resemble Daryl Hannah in Splash when I wear my hair long and wavy. I even got an orange tail like her’s in the movie. So no pool and no mermaid 😦

I decided I am still going to go to the event, but I’m going to go as Madison when she first comes out of the water and has legs and somebody puts a big I Love NY t-shirt on her. At least I’ll be comfortable, lol.


My Sanctuary

My Sanctuary


11 thoughts on “One egg, One basket and a Breakdown

  1. I TOTALLY feel you on this, and I’m so sorry. Swimming and taking baths are my favorite ways to unwind. Sometimes I’ll take more than 1 bath a day, this does not include the shower I take to wash my hair and actually get clean. I may be part tadpole. I love the idea for the new costume! That’s so cute. I bet you’ll have the opportunity to be a mermaid again some day. And maybe you will have a baby mermaid with you!

    • I am so hoping for a baby mermaid! When we had the pool built, we actually included a sun shelf where it’s just 9″ of water, with plans to have kids we could teach to swim there. For the past 5 or 6 years it’s been my neighbor’s kids favorite spot.

  2. You pool is beautiful! I took advantage of a dip in the lake last weekend, knowing that would end soon. When we were doing IUIs this winter, not having a hot bath was horrible especially since it’s freezing where I live. It’s only 2 weeks though and if you get pregnant, the break will be worth it.

    • Thank you! I’m going to go in work a little late tomorrow and take a nice little swim and get some sun and just soak it up so I can handle my two week break a little better.

    • Thank you, it actually most of my entire backyard. I had a small space to work with so just turned the little useless backyard into a little slice of pool paradise πŸ™‚

      • I’m putting ‘pool’ on my list of future investments. I always thought it had to be huge to be worthwhile, but I love the idea of a little place in my backyard just for me πŸ™‚

      • Yes, totally worth it at any size! My husband kept saying he always heard “you never get back the investment on a pool,” but I can tell you it was worth Every penny! And the smaller size makes it way easy to take care of. We don’t need a pool person or anything. I can take care of the upkeep myself.

  3. What a beautiful pool!!! I can understand why you like to spend a lot of time there! Sorry about the insensitive hubby response; they really don’t get it. No, of course one can not compare IVF to getting a tattoo?!? It is hard to think of all we give up during this process, but of course if the outcome is a baby, then it is all worth it. I am so hoping for you that your 18mm is a good strong egg that can get you that miracle baby! Keep us posted!

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