My lovely lady lumps- thanks Cetrotide!

I started Cetrotide last night, which keeps me from ovulating before the egg retrieval. Holy Moly what a scarey needle! It was longer and slightly thicker than the Gonal-F needle and that Gonal-F needle is pretty bad to begin with at 27 1/2 gauge.Ā  My husband practically needs a running start to jab that thing in my belly.

About an hour after the shots my belly felt a little sore, so I checked myself out in the mirror and couldn’t believe the large lump that had formed. It was lighter than the skin around it and felt kind of firm and sore. It didn’t burn or itch, which I read happens to some people, but it did bruise the next day. I was happy to see the lump had gone down by morning. Not looking forward to tonight’s round of shots!

I have another appointment tomorrow morning and they said hopefully I will be able to schedule the egg retrieval for Saturday.

Earlier I forgot to post this lovely photo of my swollen belly bruises and fabulous lump:

Belly Bruises

Check out my lumps and bruises. They never covered this in sex-ed…


11 thoughts on “My lovely lady lumps- thanks Cetrotide!

  1. oh dear! That is quite the lump. I’m so glad it was gone by morning. Hopefully tonight’s round of shots wont be so rough on your tummy.

    • The good news is that last night’s shot was not as bad. Only about half the bruising and the lump was rather small. I guess my body freaked out at first, and then got used to it. It does stay sore though. More so than the other bruises.

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