The State of the Uterus Address

Good morning my fellow bloggers. I am sorry to announce my follicle size is not not what it should be. After 7 days of stims, my largest is at a 6. At least I am up from 2 days ago, when it was a 4.

So they upped my dosage from 300 to 375IU of Gonal-F. Three more days of that and I go back in Monday for the probe.

It is disheartening because my original chart has Monday as my trigger day. Everything is now pushed forward a few days. I feel like the ball started rolling and now has plateaued. I have had a migraine since yesterday so that is making me miserable. I just can’t wait to move past this part!


6 thoughts on “The State of the Uterus Address

  1. I am thinking of one of my favorite childhood books, “The Little Engine That Could.” He says “I think I can… I think I can…” and that’s my mantra for your follicles right now!!!

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