My uterus went streaking

Had an ultrasound yesterday to check my how my lining and eggs were responding to the meds. The nurse said my uterus gets an A+! She even took a picture. So my very first ultrasound pic is of the streak across the center of my uterus, which was measuring at 8mm. It’s that long horizontal line in the picture with the vertical line between 2 x’s. She said it looks nice and spongy.

Unfortunately my eggs were not big enough to get a grade. So we were sent home with instructions to continue the same dose of meds and come back on Friday to check again.

Uterine lining ultrasound


11 thoughts on “My uterus went streaking

    • I started with 350 iu of gonal-F, but have been on 300 for the past few days. Plus 20iu of micro-hcg. Plus DHEA 3 times a day (it’s supposed to help with the lining and looks like it works!) And Metformin in the evening. And for the first time in a long time, I have no idea what cycle day it is! I didn’t even fill out my little period tracker app or fertility friend calendar for the first time in like 5 years! I just follow my little meds chart. I’m sure I will be a little more obsessive about days post-transfer. Right now it’s just a whirlwind of shots and probing. Hoping my little eggs join in soon and start looking promising 🙂

      • Is this your 1st IVF? Thats funny, I stopped my chart too when I started IVF lol You’re taking a lot of meds! Hope they produce a bunch of eggs for you guys! When is your egg retrieval? i just had mine a week ago!

      • It is my first IVF! I’m not responding well with my follicles 😦 I was only at a 6 after a week of shots. They sent me back for 3 more days at 375IU. I saw your egg retrieval post. That is the most eggs I’ve ever heard of!

      • How about when you do IUIs, how many can you see? Dont feel discouraged, anything can happen! This IVF can still be a success!! I had that many cuz I have PCOS, its great but not normal to have that many… It depends on how many follicles are naturally in your ovaries each month.. It could also be the medication, rather than the dosage… Good luck friend! I hope to read your good news soon! Xoxo

      • I don’t remember on the IUIs. They were over a year ago. I don’t think I was ever a stellar egg layer though. Hoping for better news Monday 🙂

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