Random thoughts before the 9AM Ultrasound

I don’t know what got me thinking about this, but I remember when I was little and some rabies scare was going around and we were all freaking out about the treatment of 50 shots in the stomach. I have no idea what the treatment really consists of, but that was the rumor going around elementary school and it sounded like the worst thing in the world!  So randomly after my millionth belly shot I started thinking, “oh good, I know I can handle rabies.” lol

I woke up at 5AM with a headache so I just decided to get up instead of laying there and focusing on my head. I have an appointment at 9AM to check and see how I’m reacting to the shots. I need to go find some clean socks. I am weirdly obsessed with making sure I have clean socks every time I have to put my feet in those stirrups. Not that I would wear actual dirty socks, but I have a habit of running around outside and getting my white socks irreversibly dirty looking on the bottom. So I actually have a fresh new pack of socks that I break into before each appointment.

It’s only 6AM now. Time to go have some breakfast and find my new socks.


2 thoughts on “Random thoughts before the 9AM Ultrasound

  1. LOLing about being able to handle rabies. I remember that, too, and I think I was in elementary school. We must be around the same age. Also loving your new socks policy!!! I need a new pedicure for the same reason!

    • I think it was probably around the time Cujo came out. I looked it up and the book was 1981 and the movie 1983 so that’s probably the cause behind every 80’s elementary school kid learning about rabies, lol. (I’m 38)

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