The IVF cat is out of the bag

Last night I was a guest at a big event. It took me a long time to get ready in a very elaborate outfit. I lasted maybe 45 min before I had to leave for fear of puking under the table. It was only my 2nd day of the IVF shots and I wasn’t taking it so well. Because it was an appearance I had promoted for several months, a lot of people knew I was missing from the event.

This morning on Facebook I had a lot of messages from people asking if I was ok and what was wrong with me. So I decided to just fess up and did 1 post explaining to everyone I was going through IVF but had been keeping quiet about it. But I wanted to put it out there in case the sick thing happens again. But I also said I was not planning on chronicling the experience on Facebook, but on an anonymous blog where I can vent without fear of who’s reading.

The outpouring of well wishes was certainly soothing and I feel like a bit of the weight is off my shoulders.

Of course, some of the stuff I was trying to avoid did pop up. The usual “try acupuncture, it worked for a friend!” or “I know someone who thought they couldn’t get pregnant and then changed their diet and it worked!” As if I would make the leap to IVF without trying everything in the book? I chose not to respond to those well-meant suggestions. The one statement was enough. All other IVF stuff will be saved for posting right here on this blog- the one place I know people are not inane enough to go suggesting alternative ways I can magically get pregnant.


6 thoughts on “The IVF cat is out of the bag

  1. Sooooo brave, we’ll done you! ! I didn’t even tell my parents. Does it make you feel better? ? I considered telling a couple of times just so I didn’t have to tiptoe around amd make up excuses so much. Good luck xx

    • Wholeheartedly Yes. I hadn’t told me mom yet either and got that out of the way as well. I do feel loads better because I don’t have to tiptoe around as you mentioned. It’s out there and I don’t have to make excuses anymore. The support was overwhelming. Today I have over 100 comments of prayers and support and it makes me smile just to read them.

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