IVF Mock Transfer Day

It was around 8PM last night when I realized today was not just “1st ultrasound” day but also Mock Transfer day. The mock transfer is where they pretend like they are doing an egg transfer but are just figuring out all the ins, outs, curves, etc of your insides so there are no surprises on actual transfer day. I am only mildly tweaked by this idea. I’ve had a few IUI’s and read it is supposed to feel similar to that.I’m not looking forward to it, but I also read that it is a good sign when doctors take the time to do it, and if they don’t, you should request it.

I am really looking forward to a time, somewhere in the future, where all my activities aren’t focused around my vagina….


2 thoughts on “IVF Mock Transfer Day

    • oh yeah, I’m sure it takes a starring role! LOL. The future I was talking about is after all this is over…the worry, the infertility, IVF, hopefully a pregnancy…and then settle into non-vagina centered happy little family

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