At my wits end with the husband

Anyone going through IVF or IUI knows the amount of drugs involved. We are only on the month leading up to the start of IVF and I already have to take asprin, 4 different vitamins, estrogen twice a day, birth control pill, DHEA 3 times a day and metformin. And that is just the tip of the iceberg before we head into the stimulation stuff.

You know what my husband has to take? TWO Vitamins. TWO.

So for the past month he has been erratically taking 1 vitamin a day because apparently reading the instructions is just putting in way to much effort. So I sound angry? Because I am. Like pissed off, hurt, upset and feeling like he’s not even taking this seriously enough to take the damn vitamins correctly.

He left for work out of town this weekend and after I flipped out about the vitamins, he carefully packed them in a little baggie which I found ON THE KITCHEN COUNTER this morning. Are you kidding me? I mean really. I am just beside myself. I’m sure all the crap I’m taking isn’t helping me level out my emotions any, but I feel I have a good reason to at least be seriously irked.

At least it’s 4th of July and I can go blow stuff up if I want.


8 thoughts on “At my wits end with the husband

    • LOL! He did try to redeem himself by having me send a pic of the back of the vitamins so he could try and match them. Though it was possibly in reaction to my seething anger over the phone 🙂

  1. I understand your frustration but as a man I suspect his non compliance may be due to his anxiety about infertility. Have you both talked about how he’s coping? Us men are very bad about being open and sharing our anxieties!

    • It’s not that- we talked and talked before making this decision to go through IVF. I’m the one with all the anxieties. Loads of them! It’s just because he’s gotten stellar results on his semen analysis so he really doesn’t think the vitamins are a huge deal. And most likely, they are not going to make or break this. I really just want him to have to take something, anything, daily while I take my 5 million drugs. I need to feel like this is a team effort.

    • Yeah the best part is when my husband is all proud telling me how he remembered to take his vitamin all week and I’m like…vitamin? It says on the bottle you are supposed to take TWO a day. And he’s like….oops. Because apparently reading instructions was just taking things too far!

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