The anxiety of TTC and being Xanax-free

After reading another blogger’s post about going of her anxiety meds, it got me thinking about my experience. I have terrible anxiety and panic attacks. I was taking Xanax daily for anxiety and Inderal for the panic attacks for the last couple years. And you know what really intensifies anxiety? TTC!

Because it was so important to not be all stressed out while tcc, I had continued my Xanax throughout the process and only took it very sparingly during the 2ww. The plan was to stop if I ever got a positive. There was a TV commercial on for a few months that scared the crap out of me warning about Xanax causing deformities and a cleft soft palate so I decided to completely wean off it before we got into IVF.

Of course the irony is that the IVF process causes so much anxiety I could sure use some Xanax right about now! I do still take the Inderal if I’m going into a situation that could cause that sudden blood pressure spike and heart attack feeling. But it pretty much only stops the physical symptoms of the anxiety spike, not the mental aspect like Xanax does. They are a pretty handy combo.

I’ve been off the Xanax about 2 months now and doing pretty good. I have some trouble sleeping, but I don’t want to trade one drug in for another. Honestly, the blogging helps a lot because this stuff isn’t just floating around in my brain anymore. It’s almost like a brain purge so I can move on!


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