The wino and the waiting game

There is a lot of waiting while TTC. The most grueling of course is the TWW (two week wait). Right now I’m stuck in some weird limbo of just waiting for cycle day 1 to start so I can get the ball rolling on the IVF stuff.

We didn’t manage to get one last good timed try in this month. Because of that, this is the first cycle in a looooong time that I am not testing like mad or concerned about having a drink during that last half of my cycle. Because I don’t need to worry about that, I kind of let loose and polished off a bottle of wine here and there. So now my husband is concerned I’m an alcoholic. Great. He actually asked if we needed to have a talk because I seem to be drinking more. Mind you, I was not getting sloppy drunk or doing anything weird like drinking at work.

But OF COURSE I’m drinking more! This is the first time in a while I haven’t had to be extra careful. It’s like I’ve been sent on spring vacation during this month where I’m just taking estrogen and waiting for AF to show. And once things get going, I do plan to have a glass here and there because I love a glass of wine while cooking dinner, but once we hit the TWW it’s dry season. And if things go well? Well then I have 9 months of teetotaling ahead.

So as far as I’m concerned, I get all the wine I want until we get started on the IVF drugs and he can go put a cork in it.



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