What you might not know about joining fertility websites

When I was pregnant for the short-lived time, I went crazy signing up for every free baby thing out there- magazines, samples, websites, etc. So for the next several years, and still sometimes now, baby related paraphernalia shows up in my mailbox. It rubs a pretty sore spot to continue getting diapers and formula samples and various parenting magazines after a miscarriage and subsequent years of battling infertility. Every time something shows up I just want to scream and shove it in the trash as fast as possible.

Of course these companies have no idea what happened, and I can’t blame them. The only company I hold a grudge against is the pregnancy website I was so excited to be part of. Unfortunately it’s been so long I can’t even remember what site it was! One of the big ones is all I recall. There was a special area you could access if you were pregnant. Every day it would tell you what your baby looked like and there were forums and you could have buddies. I had several forum buddies that I was messaging with that were around my same due date.

Then the miscarriage happened and I sadly plugged that info into my profile and….blip. All that went away too. Suddenly the website told me I could not access that portion because it was only for pregnant women. Talk about a slap in the face! So to my fledgling online buddies I just disappeared. I wish I could remember the site so I could avoid it if I ever get another chance to plug in pregnancy info.

The website I’m part of now is FertilityFriend.com. I’ve kept a chart there for several years and go on the forums sometimes when I’m obsessing, just to have company. I’d be interested to know what fertility websites other people enjoy using.

'Houdini's mother had an odd and difficult pregnancy.' 'Oh no. He's gone again!'


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