How I got all freaked out over my HSC for nothing

I had my first hysteroscopy (HSC) last month and really managed to freak myself out big time over it. I even lost sleep! I was convinced it was going to be this awful procedure because it involved a shot to numb the cervix. The conversation with the nurse went something like this:

“You’ll be getting an HSC, where they will numb your cervix, here’s some prescriptions for pain, antibiotics and anxiety.”

Immediately my anxiety shoots through the roof and I’m like, whoah, back up, tell me more about how this “numbing” will occur.

“They will give you a shot in your cervix”

I think I may have just fallen out of my chair at that moment. You’d think since I’d given myself shots in the belly for nearly 2 weeks with the last procedure that needles would not bother me. But for some reason, the thought of this needle deep in my sensitive and personal area, just put me over the edge. I had managed to escape the HSG experience by having it done during the lap surgery, but I was not getting away scot free!

I demanded double the pain and anxiety meds, and they actually gave it to me. That made me feel a little better. Of course I went straight home and googled all about HSCs and really worked myself into full freak out mode.

The dreaded day finally came and I took half my meds as instructed and brought the rest. The first half barely took the edge off my anxiety. The nurse told me to sit on the table and take the rest of the pills, but don’t get up because I might be dizzy. I thought, Ha! As-if! I’m so wound up they probably won’t do anything.

Well they certainly did kick in and by the time to nurse got there I was like, hey do what you gotta do, let’s get this over with.

There was a sort of pinchy feeling with the shot. Not a big deal at all. And then a little cramping during the procedure, but I’ve had menstrual cramps worse than that. It was over with pretty quickly. They even took a biopsy and I didn’t feel a thing.

I was given the all-clear with a healthy normal uterus. The only odd thing was she said my uterus was “small.” I didn’t really know they came in different sizes and started wondering how small is small? So of course I looked it up and got some answers:

So there you have it. If you are scheduled for the HSC, it’s not terrible. It’s never fun to have needles and instruments all up in your personal business, but overall it’s nothing to lose sleep over. Just ask for extra Xanax and it goes by pretty smoothly!





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