A more in-depth review of my TTC history

My husband is in the army, so we have big gaps in our TTC attempts because he kept getting deployed. It always seems like the army is working against us and scheduling him to be out of town during the magical “fertile window.”

I can’t remember exact dates due to it being spread out over the past 7 years, but here’s the gist of it:

2007 – surprise, I’m pregnant! 7 weeks later everything ends and I enter the murky world of fertility issues and TTC

2008-2010 – I start charting, peeing on a lot of sticks to determine ovulation and the peeing on more sticks hoping for a double line. There’s a year deployment during this time.

2011 – decide to seek help. Five minutes into consultation doc says I have endometriosis and schedules a laparoscopy and HSG to check fallopian tubes.

2011 – lap procedure confirms stage 1 endo. It’s fairly minimal and they laser it out. HSG looks good, tubes all clear.

2012 – The start of the IUI stage. In this year we try:

Femera, Ovidrel & IUI #1= BFN

Femera, Ovidrel & IUI #2 = BFN

Follistim, Ovidrel & “timed intercourse” = BFN

2013 there’s another deployment, we try naturally for a few months upon return, then we try acupuncture, and now we are entering the current stage of desperate measures.

2014 – this time around we switch to a new doc. This results in more testing, an HSG and something called the Clomid Challenge. Apparently my ovaries didn’t really rise to the challenge because the results from all the tests was basically: you need IVF, the sooner the better. Husband’s tests all came back fine.

June 2014: started on Estradiol for this month. Instructions are to contact nurse on cycle day 1 for next step.




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