The things you give up while TTC

While many people are aware of the things you give up when you are pregnant, the common recommendation is to also behave as if you are pregnant while trying to get pregnant. In other words, no drinking, smoking, coffee, sushi, drugs, etc.

I take a modified approach and just behave a little better during the TWW. I tried going clean, I really did. But if I were to behave as if I was pregnant, for the 6 odd years we’ve been going through this, I don’t think I’d have enjoyed myself a bit. And who doesn’t want a big glass of wine after another stupid BFN?

I don’t smoke, so my main anti-baby vices are wine, sushi, morning coffee and possibly dyeing my hair. I think the jury is still out on that one as there is no documented proof it does any harm to humans. I know plenty of babies born to bottle blonds that came out just fine.

I weaned myself off of Xanax, which I could probably really use for anxiety while going through this, but I didn’t want to be on any more drugs than I had to be. I take my migraine meds only when absolutely needed.

I do plan on being a little better during the upcoming IVF cycle. I’ve gotten used to decaf coffee. Although I had to admit, at least once a morning while sipping my weakened brew I want to shake my first and shout about crackbabies being born and I can’t even have a few cups of coffee to jumpstart my morning.

And I plan to limit my wine intake. No more bottles in one sitting. I love cooking and to me that goes hand in hand with a bottle of wine. A little in the food, a lot in my glass.

I refuse to give up sushi and seared ahi while rationalizing with the fact that there are plenty of babies born in Japan. I need to be able to enjoy some things in life while going through this.

Of course if I got a positive result, everything would stop. I’d happily give up all these things the moment there was a real reason. But until then, I’ve got to keep on living and enjoying life. It makes the tougher stuff easier to get through if you have some enjoyment along the way.


If only it was this easy...

If only it was this easy…


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