The crazy world of TTC advice and folk remedies

Once you start down the road to TTC and have been there a while, you will get all kinds of advice along the way. The number one tidbit of wisdom is “just relax and it will happen.” Every person who says deserves a pretty swift smack.

Next up you might try some of the more conventional recommendations- a pillow under your butt afterwards and lounging in bed to give the sperm a better chance, an Instead cup to hold it in there, recommended positions that supposedly deposit sperm closer to your cervix.

After the simple stuff doesn’t work, time for research. In comes the ovulation predictor kits in bulk, special vitamins, Pre-Seed “conception-friendly lubricant”, charts, apps, etc.

Once you’ve tried everything else, a little bit of crazy steps in, in the form of folksy wisdom. I tried eating pineapple core for 5 days to help implantation. Maybe I didn’t get a good pineapple because this was not as tasty as I had hoped. The core was all tough and tasteless. I read drinking a glass of red wine for a week can improve your lining. That’s one I practiced enthusiastically. My lining should have been pretty stellar after that! I have read other people have tried various supplements, cough syrup, antihistamines, Vitex, soy, herbs, etc. A friend, who now has 3 children, called me about 10 years ago asking if I knew where to get wild African yams. She said they were supposed to make you fertile. Maybe she was on to something?

Obviously none of this worked for me, and now I’m turning to the marvels of modern medicine. But I have read plenty of posts with TTC advice and am wondering, what’s the craziest advice you’ve ever gotten? The worst? The best? The most annoying? If anyone is reading this, please share!

Keep Calm and Keep TTC

Keep Calm and Keep TTC


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