The start of the IVF journey

This is the start of my IVF journal, which I feel like I need to write so I won’t go totally crazy keeping it all inside. But where to start? I guess it’s good to start with a little history and how we got here. But I’m going to keep it short because this is about what is happening now and not about the past.

Married for 12 years, pregnant once, naturally by surprise, ended in miscarriage at 7 weeks. Tried naturally for a couple years with no luck. Then was diagnosed and had surgery for endometriosis a couple years ago. Tried IUI a few times and all kind of drugs, no luck. We are one of those couples plagued with “unexplained infertility.”

And that brings us to now, where we are turning to our last hope, IVF. We are pretty set on a 3 strikes and we’re out mentality. If it doesn’t happen then we are just going to accept the “it wasn’t meant to be” attitude and get another dog. We have tiptoed around the topic of adoption, but are not totally sold on the idea.

For now my blog is nameless, faceless, because I haven’t even told my mother yet. The reasons for that are a blog entry all their own. I just need an outlet and want to see how it goes. Once I ease into this, I’ll be happy to add a name and face to my very personal story.

And anyone who has ever done the TTC thing knows why the blog is called “Stop Telling Me to Relax!”

Test Tube Baby

The start of a magical Test Tube Baby