One year and a new blog

I am finally getting back to blogging. I started a new blog at It’s WordPress so you can follow me there if you like!

Hard to believe my little guy turns one tomorrow! What a crazy roller coaster the last couple of years has been. 

This is pretty much the last entry for this blog. I’m leaving it up so other people can read about my experience. I read tons and tons of blogs when I went through IVF and finding one with a happy ending was always so reassuring. I am incredibly grateful to have my happy ending, which is actually an amazing beginning 🙂 



Vacation here we come!

I am about to take a 3 hour flight to Texas and then an 8.5 hour flight to Hawaii with the little man in tow. This will be his first time flying, at just shy of 8 months. I keep trying not to freak out and tell myself this is an adventure! All travel tips are welcome. I have been packing for two days! I think I may have brought enough to move in…

Happy Holidays

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season. It’s really amazing how times flies. I’m up right now at 3:30 am because I couldn’t go back to sleep and figured what the heck, I’ll get some early morning “me” time in. I remember the days when I used to stay up till 3:30 am for fun. 

We are just a week away from 8 months. Just crazy. I can’t even remember if I did a 7 month update.  He’s just growing so fast and really turning into a little person with a big personality 🙂


Long time, no blog

It’s been just over 6 months and I totally understand why people say goodbye and give up their blog. Life with baby is crazy, wonderful, overwhelming, busy and exhausting and barely leaves room for anything else.

I stopped breastfeeding and pumping a couple weeks ago and have fallen behind in blog reading since then. I completely enjoy having my boobs back to myself, but I do kind of miss my forced 30 min. of sitting still.

I have moment now because K is asleep after projectile vomiting on me twice and having explosive diarrhea. You can’t really go back to sleep after that. We are dealing with our first stomach virus. It involves a lot of clothes changing. 

Other than the current situation, things have been great. I am trying to find the time to create my new blog. I really loved blogging through my IVF experience and want to continue in a new setting.

I miss my blogging buddies! So while I still have a moment to myself I’m going to go catch up on all of your stories now 🙂 


To my fellow pumpers

For anyone pumping with the aid of the hands free bra, I suggest ditching it right now and grabbing the closest sports bra. A couple snips on the nips and you will have a pumping bra ten times more comfortable! I don’t know what took me so long to figure this out. It’s been almost 6 months! 

I forgot my bra in a hotel room. If the maid doesn’t know what it is then she’s going to think we were a little kinky…lol   So with no pump bra I sacrificed a tight sports bra and cut little holes in the nip area. So much better! I don’t know why that other bra doesn’t have shoulder straps. I wish I would have thought of this months ago!

So that’s why I wanted to share it 🙂

One of us slept through the night!

That would be little K not me, because I was too busy waking up every hour in disbelief and then checking to make sure he was ok. He fussed a bit at midnight and got an arm out of his swaddle, so I let the other one out, gave him his pacifier and he was out! He slept from 9pm to 7:30am. It was amazing 🙂